Retractable Dog Leash Adjustable 3M Wrist Strap Running Jogging Pet Traction Rope Terrier Leash Belt Dog Product

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Key Product Features:

[ Hand Free Retractable Dog Lead ] — Unlike other retractable dog lead which must hold the handle by hand, our flexible leash telescopic box can be worn on the wrist; Keep your hands free for using your phone or reading a newspaper.

[ Maximum Toughness and Durability ] — Our dog leads are made of high-density climbing nylon ropes, The strength is nearly 2x that of the same type of rope! Light and sturdy enough for small, medium and large dogs pulling.

[ NO Tangle & Auto Lock ] — The clip turns 360 degrees to prevent the lead twisting and turning. If the dog suddenly rushes forward, simply pull the traction rope back in reverse and the internal swivel will automatically lock.Total length of traction rope: 3m/10 feet

[ Reflective Rope Design ] — Connected to the stainless steel hook is a piece of reflective wide rope, Allows you to see your dog in the dark while keeping the dog comfortable enough. Give you and your best friend a more secure environment.

[ Adjustable Wrist Strap ] — The wrist strap is equipped with a magic strap and a buckle, so you can adjust the tightness freely. The wide wrist strap design allows you to wear it all day without feeling any discomfort. Suitable for all dog lovers.


Type: Wrist Retractable Dog Leash

Material: PP, ABS and Nylon

Size: 3M

Bearing weight: within the range of 30kg, the maximum bearing 70kg

Color: Red/Blue/White/Green/Black/Orange

Package Includes: 1 x Wrist Retractable Dog Leash


1.Put on your wrist and free your hands.Convenient and easy for walking.

2.Expansible design, easy to wear on and take off.

3.You can use the traction rope fixing card to stop the traction rope from shrinking and keep the fixed length. When not in use, the front locking buckle can be hung on the fixing card to facilitate the storage of the traction rope.

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